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Below are comments and recommendations from families who have adopted one of our pups.   As always, we are happy to provide references to any prospective client before purchase of one of our wonderful pups! ___________________________________________________________________________

Our biggest problem with Maggie is that we can hardly take her for as walk without being stopped a thousand times with “she is the cutest little dog”, “what breed is she” “she’s so well behaved” etc. She’s quite a show piece.  She has the classic labradoodle temperament and intelligence.  She does not shed, period. It’s quite amazing.  But we are always telling people that you can’t necessarily count on that with a poodle cross.  And it’s especially true now that they are so popular that everyone is breeding poodles with almost anything in their own backyard.  Breeding is genetics and genetics is a science. Even more so with a “breed” that is still being established it it critical to find a qualified breeder who deals with dogs that have established pedigrees. We feel very lucky to have wound up with Maggie.   Best, Chris MA

“We do love  rocky!  So lovable & easy to train ! Everyone who meets says how cute & well behaved he is! “  Suzie, MA

“Everyone was impressed that Patrick rested and relaxed in a sleeping mode while there was chaos surrounding him: kids crying, adults trying to get food to the table. It was impressive. Everyone was impressed. Tomorrow, we go to puppy school.”   Edward,  MA

“Bodhi is a dream come true.  He is so sweet and loving.  Very mellow, but also with a lot of vim and vigor when it’s time to play.  I am sure he must miss you all, but he has taken to us and his new surroundings very well, and has not shown any signs of separation anxiety. Very busy first few days, with lots of riding in the car, two new houses, and lots of new people, meeting the cats in North Anson etc.  He’s handled it all with remarkable ease and grace.  Boy does he love romping around on the grass in our yard!  He’s got a very bouncy prance!”

He is already potty training very successfully and has really gotten comfortable in his crate, which has made night time and sleeping a breeze.  So smart!  Honestly, this is going better than I ever could have dreamed, even though I was very optimistic and already knew that things would work out fine.

“Terri, I am sold on Labradoodles.  You could not have raised a better pup.  He is such a gem.  We are so happy and grateful!”

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you… Carl and Sandy, ME



09 2011